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Did you know that our services are available to any St. Louis-area child in foster care, no matter their location? We even deliver to families in St. Louis County, City, and Arnold to ensure that caregivers and children can spend their precious time connecting.


Welcome Kits

Our Welcome Kits are designed specifically for children entering foster care for the first time. In addition to clothes, shoes, and toiletries, we provide new bedding and pillows, laundry detergent, dish soap, a new toy and book, and kids cereal, paper bowls and plastic utensils. Foster parents, relative caregivers, and case workers can submit requests and we will meet the need within 1-3 days. 


Partner Program

Most families foster less than a year because of lack of support. Foster families need a community of support as they work each day to meet the needs of the children in their care. As we aim to come alongside foster families, the Partnership Program meets needs beyond our normal services. Photography sessions, hair cuts, oil changes, and more show foster families that they are not alone. 

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